Local Information

Kakovatos is a small village in West Peloponnesus of the Ilia Perfecture. The nearest cities are Zaharos (5 km), Kiparissia (20 km) and Pirgos (35 km). It is well known for its exceptional sea side and its tavern variety especially for fish.

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The sandy beach of the village is extremely long, it starts from outside the city of Pirgos and it ends in Kiparissia, approximately 50 km of sand with pine trees and dunes.

The village has two central roads that lead to two different parts of the beach which are organized with umbrellas and sun beds, courtesy of the beach bars operating in the area. For those who like privacy and adventure, there are several paths in the forest that lead to secluded areas of the beach.

Kakovatos beach

In the center of the village (agora) you can find the following stores:

  • Two mini-markets
  • One bakery
  • Two traditional cafeterias (kafenio)
  • One café-bar
  • One Grill house (souvlaki)
  • One grill tavern that serves also Greek traditional food
  • One night club

The city of Zaharos offers a variety of goods and services:

  • Super-markets
  • Grocery stores
  • Kiosques and foreign papers
  • Stores with children, women and men’s clothing.
  • Shoe stores
  • Telecom stores
  • Banks (National, Agricultural, Commercial)
  • Public and Municipality offices
  • Police station
  • Greek postal agency
  • Courier
  • Gas stations
  • Cafes and bars
  • Restaurants, taverns and bakeries
  • Book stores
  • Hair salons
  • Pharmacies
  • Private doctors and dentists
  • Health center
  • Many other businesses for the house, car etc.

Zacharo beach Zacharo - Kakovatos beach


Town hall

26253 60300, 60301

Taxi Zaharo

26250 31356-7

Medical center Zaharo

26250 34915

Postal Office

26250 31205

Pyrgos General hospital

26210 22222

Kaiafas Spa

26250 31709-10

Police station Zaharo

26250 33333

Port coast guard of Katakolo

26210 41206

Tourist police of Pirgos

26210 81767

Port coast guard of Kilini

26230 92211

Bus station Zaharo

26250 31219

Araxos airport

26930 23598

Railway station Zaharo

26250 31271

Tourist police of Olympia

26240 22100

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